Sunday, October 25, 2009

On a lighter note - Day 2 =)

Sooooo, got a few more things accomplished today and I feel AMAZING for it =)

First off, my car was fine all along. The Troyskis took a wee gander this morning and it started fine... what happened? Who knows. Troyskis' diagnosis - "it got wet". What that really means, I don't know. I've driven through puddles the size of Wyoming... but we get a little rain shower and the bugger won't start. Annyyywho - all is well now.

As for accomplishments:

Save $2 a day during this 1001 days - I offically opened another savings account into which I transferred $14 for this first week. I don't know yet if this is how I am officially going to do this, but it got me started.

Christmas cards - I got an email from snapfish saying if I order holiday cards before the 10/31, I can get free shipping. That was all I needed. I created little Christmas cards with cute pictures of my new little family that consists of Troyskis, myself, Malichai, Little-face, and Warrior. Bottom line: to die for. I should be getting them shortly and be on my way to sending and spreading Holiday cheer and all that good shit =)

Lastly, I also bought a Monday through Friday old person pill box thang. I also got a whole bunch of vitamins that should hopefully keep the ol' swine flu from entering my body and making me miserable. Hopefully, I will be feeling even more magnificent in the upcoming weeks... especially seeing how freeking expensive vitamins are... you would think that since this crap is raked from the ground it would be, I don't know, dirt cheap. Well, it's not.

Before I say goodnight, there has been something else on my mind that I need to get out there. We, as females, need a movement. This movement will be called "Let's Wash Our Hands BEFORE We Pee". I don't understand the whole notion of washing our hands after we pee. Why? Well, I don't know about other women in the world, but after I pee, the only thing that my hand is touching is toilet paper. I don't get how this could go any other way. However, I could tell you about 100 dirty things that I touch BEFORE I pee (such as a keyboard, the handle to get into the bathroom, a pen, my shoes, random "high fives" with co-workers - not that I know their dirty, but it's a maybe). This would make one think that if we touch all these bacterial-filled dirty things before we pee, we then touch the toilet paper with the same dirty hands, to then proceed with our post-pee ritual, only to have touched the toilet paper. My resolve? Wash hands before said pee, and hey, if you so feel like it, wash after as well. Just a thought...

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