Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Troyskis and Me - Volume 3 - The (inevitable) “Who do you think is attractive?” Incident

Ok. So I will willingly admit that I am strange. I never, ever, at any time, for any reason want to know who Troy finds attractive. I can guess just fine, thank you. I do not want it said. Why? Because then the inevitable comparing in my head happens (but she’s got strawberry-blonde hair, why would he like that, does he not like my hair, is he trying to tell me something, and it’s short, I hate short hair, what a whore) and by this time whatever show we are watching is useless to me because I have missed a good 30 seconds and have lost interest. I know. I know. I am crazy.

In turn, I do not want to discuss who I happen to find sexy as hell. I find it uncomfortable and as to why people, i.e. couples, do this… I will never understand. Gross weirdoes, the lot of ya.

For whatever reason, one night, Troy was compelled to know this information.

Troy: You think he’s good looking? (Brad Pitt is on and Troy is more accusing than asking)

Me: Not really.

Troy: Really?

……..about 17 seconds pass while he is thinking thoughts that I cannot even imagine….

Troy: Sooooo, who do you think is good looking?

Me: We are not having this conversation. It’s weird and you are going to judge me on who I say and then bring it up at inopportune times. No.

Troy: C’moooon!! Who? Just tell me. C’mon! Whyyy?

Me: No.

Troy: Please?

Me: No.

::Repeat this about thirty times::

Troy: CMOOON!!!

Me: FINE YOU LUNATIC!!!! Harrison Ford. (hmmmmm…(shhhh))

ford Pictures, Images and Photos


Me: Shut your stupid face!!! This is why I didn’t want to tell you!!

Troy: Ok. Okokokok…… Someone else.


Troy: C’mon.

::Repeat again about 30 times::

Me: Fine. Mike Rowe. (omgggg (shhhh))

Mike Rowe Pictures, Images and Photos

Troy: From Dirty Jobs?!?!? (while looking at me like I have ten heads and a snot dangling off my lip)

Me: Whatever. Conversation over.

Now, flash forward to a week later. We begin watching the first season of Prison Break with is not only an amazing show but is starring Wentworth Miller who is just so sexy it hurts me physically. A few episodes in we shared a bottle (or 3) of wine and I was feeling just wonderful. Just before one of the breaks in the show where normally they would go to commercial break, they show a close up of Mr. Miller without his shirt on and his sexy face just sparkling with sexiness and uhhhhhhgggggkljdskfj… anyhow, I happened to accidentally slip.

Wentworth Miller Pictures, Images and Photos

Me: Uhhhhhhhggg. Wow.

Troy: What?

Me: Ah, nothing.

Troy: You think he’s hot!


Me: Yes. Yes I do.

Troy: Whatever. That chick’s wicked hot. (referring to the female who is clinically insane and kills people with ease and is just generally evil and you are made to inherently think she deserved to be quartered by horses).

Jodi Lynn OKeefe Prison Break Pictures, Images and Photos

Now, under normal circumstances, I would have been annoyed at that comment. By annoyed I mean… well, lets not go there. You know that I am crazy… use your imagination. However, when he said this, it was clearly to even the playing field.

Me: Whatever.

I win.

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  1. Yeah, I'm with you on this one. I definitely wouldn't want to have this conversation with a significant other. I love the Katy pwns Troy ending though, haha xD Best way to handle that situation.