Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Troyskis and Me - Volume 5 - Priorities

Priorities are a funny thing. Every day we set them whether we mean to or not. For example; I will be running late for work and I need both gas and cigarettes, but do not have time for both. You can bet your bottom dollar I am getting smokes. Why? Because if I happen to run out of gas (which hasn’t happened yet), at least I will have a full pack of smokes and a decent reason as to why I am going to be late. Now, you may be reading that thinking, “How stupid. You are willing to run out of gas in order to have a pack of cigarettes? Your priorities are messed up.” I beg to differ.

But you know whose are? Go on. Guess. Wild guess. Whose priorities are messed up?

::applause:: That’s right!! Troy’s!!


We have finally, finally, finally, moved into the house (yeayy!!). Understandably, we do not have everything we need, never mind the things we merely want. Some of the “biggies” being a mirror in the bathroom, a couch, milk, bread… you get the idea.

We started our move on a Sunday morning and in all honesty, the bagging, packing and unloading took very little time, as we were essentially moving only a bedroom. Once everything was in the house we had to begin the painstaking task of deciding where everything should go, in what order things should be hung in the closet, and so on. About 15 minutes into this task Troy informs me of something that must happen:

Troy: I need to get a surround sound system.

Me: Okay. Want to check prices tonight and then… (cutoff)

Troy: No. Right now.

Me: What? Are you serious?

Troy: Yes.

Me: Have you looked around? Do you realize that there are some other, much more important things that need to be done?

Troy: You can do it. You’re better at this than I am.

Me: It’s not a matter of whether I am better at putting away clothes than you are, it is a matter of fact that they need to be put away and I don’t want to do it by myself and then have you criticize it and I know you will.

Troy: No I won’t.

Me: I don’t care. I want you to help me.

Troy: I am going to get a surround sound system.


Troy: ::pulls me into him, kisses me nicely:: (a few seconds pass)………. I am going to get a surround sound system.

Me: ::sigh::

***3 hours pass*** (all the clothes are now put away in the closet and dressers)

Troy walks though the doors… empty handed…

Me: So? Where is it?

Troy: The one I wanted was broken.

Me: That took 3 hours?

Troy: I think I can have my parent’s system. They don’t use it. I am going to go get it.

Me: Damn it, Troy! I need your help with all this!!

Troy: I’ll be right back.

Me: ::sigh::

***1 hour passes*** (I have moved on and continued to sort and organize)

Troy comes home with his parent’s Bose surround system.

Me: Thank God. I could really use your help in the room.

Troy: Ok, I’ll be right in.

Quite some time passes… I go back into the living room and this is what I find:


Yes. Yes, that is Troy, sitting on the floor dicking around with the goddamned surround sound system.

So, yeah. Priorities... Mine? Not always perfectly set… but certainly not as bad as his.


  1. My priorities are more like this: sleep in for 15 more minutes instead of putting make-up on.

  2. I thought it was quite good. Being an average male I would say that Troy is .... an average guy .... that has all his priorities perfectly in order. Maybe.

  3. That sounds like my husband. =D
    But that's part of the reason I love him.
    I'm... anal and he's not.

    I love your blog. Just started following it.

  4. Haha, dude Troy is hilarious! His priorities are definitely messed up! xD Although it was probably a part of his master plan to slack off and make you do all the work <_<

    By the way, I agree with person above my comment. I just started following your blog after finding the link off of one of your Lamebook comments and I've really enjoyed reading your posts! :D